Consequences of not replacing missing tooth/teeth

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Who loves living with missing tooth/teeth? Cosmetically, missing a tooth isn’t fun. It can feel uncomfortable or embarrassing to have a gap in your teeth. Missing a tooth can also be harmful to your dental health. It is very important to replace the tooth with either a dental implant, a dental bridge, removable partial dentures, etc.

Here is the bad news, avoiding to replace that missing tooth has consequences, and it is not just cosmetic. All of your teeth play an important role in maintaining the health of your teeth and gums, and missing teeth can even impact your overall health.

Here are some of the reasons you should always see a dentist to replace missing teeth as soon as possible;

Teeth may shift and loosen; If you’re missing a tooth, there is risk possibility of teeth shifting. Teeth can drift out of place, leading to a change in your bite, potential gum disease and possible tooth decay.

Your face could change; The jawbone and soft tissues like the periodontal ligament support the roots of your teeth. Surprisingly, this support goes both ways: tooth roots stimulate the jawbone so it can continually repair itself. When a tooth is missing, the lack of jawbone stimulation can result in jawbone deterioration or resorption. The ADA states that even the loss of a back tooth can cause your mouth to shift, potentially making your face look older. Every aspect of your face is intertwined, so the loss of a tooth can cause your bone to deteriorate and muscles to droop over time.

It may affect your mental health; If you’ve ever had a missing tooth, you may remember how difficult it can be to chew with a hole in your smile. Missing teeth can even affect your speech and this can affect even your confidence. Your tooth replacement may take some getting used to, but this is temporary and far-preferable to the constant discomfort of a gap in your grin. Patients who have dental implants placed often speak of how they not only look natural but also feel like their real tooth.

Poor Nutrition; No matter how important health and nutrition are to you, you can easily get discouraged from eating healthy foods if they are difficult for you to chew. Missing teeth can drastically reduce the range of foods that you can eat comfortably. Examples of nutritious foods that can pose difficulty include red meat, fruits and vegetables with thick or fibrous skins, and nuts. Why would you compromise your quality of life for missing teeth, when Emerald Dental has specialists and dental surgeons that are at your disposal to ensure you have the most natural smile.

N/B: Every aspect of your face is intertwined, so the loss of a tooth can cause your bone to deteriorate and muscles to droop over time. Replacing the missing tooth helps to keep the others in place, ensuring your mouth stays healthy (with good oral care!) and your face doesn’t change dramatically.

We are now in Nairobi and Kitui, visit our facilities for an assessment with our periodontist. Be brave enough to take back your life, regain your confidence and quality of life, because you deserve to put your best SMILE forward.



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