Veneers are not just cosmetic

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Veneers might be best known as a cosmetic procedure. Without a doubt, they have an aesthetic quality that can transform your teeth from dull to dazzling. Many people get veneers on their teeth to create a more picture-perfect smile so they can feel confident showing their perfectly shaped, pearly whites.

While it’s true that veneers have the power to dramatically transform the look of your smile, cosmetic reasons aren’t the only thing to consider when you’re thinking about getting dental veneers. They’re often recommended to repair the look of stained, cracked, or crooked teeth. They can make short teeth look longer and balance out an irregular smile.

Common reasons to consider veneers include:

  • Yellow or discolored teeth that don’t respond to professional whitening
  • Minor alignment issues
  • Oddly shaped or uneven teeth
  • Gaps or spaces between your teeth

Enamel is the hardest material in the human body. It covers your teeth, protecting them from damage and decay. But, sometimes enamel gets weak or wears down.

Genetics and age, along with acidic foods and beverages, can cause enamel to thin. Teeth with thin enamel are more likely to break or develop cavities. 

Veneers cover the front surface of your teeth and can help protect teeth that have thinning enamel. Porcelain veneers look like enamel and help create a barrier to ward off damage.

Veneers offer a versatile solution for a variety of dental issues, both cosmetic and medical. To determine if they are right for you, we discuss your concerns, examine your teeth, and check your overall oral health

What it’s like to get veneers

Veneers are a popular dental treatment for cosmetic reasons, but they can benefit your smile in a variety of ways beyond just looks. Let our Emerald Dental team help you decide if veneers are a good option for you.

We offer comprehensive oral exams and evaluations to determine if veneers are right for your teeth. We assess the thickness of your tooth enamel, severity of misalignment, and talk to you about your goals for treatment.

If you decide to get veneers, expect to make a few trips to our office for the preparation and fitting process. All veneers are custom-developed to fit and blend with natural teeth. Our dentists will work with you to choose the right size, shape, and color for your smile.



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