Extraction is a last option in treatment where the tooth is removed under local anaesthesia.


Disimpaction refers to the surgical removal of the last molar, commonly referred to as wisdom tooth


The last molar is usually the last tooth to erupt thereby finding most of the jaw space already taken up by the other teeth. In most patients it either partially comes out and is partly covered by the gum or it erupts but tips forward making cleaning difficult. The difficulty in cleaning predisposes these teeth to cavities and are removed at some point in time. Since the teeth are partially submerged, a surgical procedure is done in whuch the gum around the tooth is cut to expose the bone. The bone is the drilled with a special bur to expose the tooth partially hidden by the bone. The tooth is taken out and the wound sutured to facilitate healing. Possible complications of the surgery like any other include pain, swelling, infection and injury to the nerve but the dentist is trained to handle all these.

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